What is the process for registering my company for services with FinClusive? What documentation do I need?

Learn the steps for registering your company with FinClusive and find out which documents are necessary for successful completion.

Written By Taryn Nelson ()

Updated at September 5th, 2023

To facilitate moving value from the traditional banking system into Stellar and vice-versa, the network relies on anchors, which are regulated financial institutions, money service businesses, or fintech companies that offer one — or both — of the following component services:

  • Issue fiat token: Issue one-to-one fiat-backed tokens (also known as stablecoins) and maintain fiat reserves equivalent to the value of the issued tokens, so users can redeem them back to fiat at any time; and
  • Provide a fiat on/off-ramp: Connect the Stellar network to the anchor country’s banking system by maintaining a service that handles regulatory processes such as KYC/AML and allows users to make seamless deposits and withdrawals.

These two components can be provided by a single entity, or by multiple entities, in which case the fiat on/off-ramp becomes a reseller of the fiat token issued by the token issuer. Click here to learn more about Stellar anchors.

All documents should be uploaded as a .pdf, .jpeg or .png.