I have auto approval enabled, but my records are not approving

Written By Christopher Ostrowski (Administrator)

Updated at March 17th, 2023

Question: I have auto approval enabled, but my clients' profiles will not always be approved.

Answer: There could be a number of reasons as to why the records are not automatically approving.

  • The most common issue is that not all of the results were passed when the CDD checks were run.  All checks must pass for the record to be auto approved.  
  • You may not have all auto approval functionality enabled.  Some customers elect to only have specific parts of the process be auto approved, while saving the final approval task to be manually approved by the customer.
  • If you believe you are continuing to experience issues with your functionality, email support@FinClusive.com and include the clients FinCID and a description of the issue.  We will work to address the issue directly with you to resolve.