I have sent a wire to the bank of record to fund my account at FinClusive. When can I expect my wire to appear in my balance?

Written By Will Squires ()

Updated at September 17th, 2021

Inbound wires to FinClusive are uploaded manually every day, the same business day they are received by our Bank of Record. Delays in receipt by our Bank of Record may indicate that a wire has failed to reach its destination and has been returned, or a delay may be due to wire cutoff times and limitations at the customer's sending bank. 

Once a wire has successfully been sent out to fund your FBO account, and is received by Live Oak Bank, the wire is uploaded into the FinClusive platform. If a wire is received after operating hours at FinClusive, it may not be posted until the following business day. 

Should you have any questions or concerns as to the instructions for sending a wire into FinClusive, please refer to our Inbound Wire Instructions, or email payops@finclusive.com for further assistance.